Supply Lists

Cartooning Supplies

  • Set of 24 Prismacolor colored pencils
  • Pad of smooth Bristol paper
  • 11x14 or a sketch book
  • Mars plastic eraser
  • Pencils (in varied hardness)
  • Plastic Portfolio 16x20 (to transport artwork and supplies each week)

Sewing Supply List

  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight pins
  • Paper & fabric scissors
  • Tracing paper & wheel
  • White and black sewing chalk
  • Sewing hand needles
  • 1 subject spiral notebook
  • Basic drawing pad and pencils

Figure Drawing Supply List

  • 24x36 Newsprint Paper Pad
  • 24x36 Foam Core Backboard
  • 'Bull Dog Brand' Large Clips
  • 2 or 3 Pastel Pencils #42 by 'Conte'
  • Soft Charcoal Pencils
  • Box of 'Charkole' brand sticks (Large size)
  • Rubber kneaded eraser
  • Chamois cloth
  • Razor (retractable sharpener)
  • Blending stump (cigar size)

Figure Painting Supply List

  • 3 pieces of charcoal paper
  • soft charcoal (not compressed)
  • Artgum eraser
  • Brushes: at least 6-8 brushes ranging in size from 2-14 and nylon and/or bristle hair.
  • Suggested paint supplies and colors:
  • 1 large tube Titanium White
  • 1 small tube of:
  • cadmium yellow Lt.
  • cadmium yellow med.
  • cadmium orange
  • yellow ochre
  • raw sienna
  • cadmium red Lt.
  • alizarin crimson
  • perm. rose
  • ultramarine blue
  • cerulean blue
  • viridian green
  • sap green
  • burnt umber
  • raw umber
  • mars black
  • For oil paint: thinner or linseed oil to thin paints
  • Canvas: at least 2 stretched canvases of your choice...size will be discussed individually the 1st class

Life Drawing Basic Supply List

18x24 Drawing Pad
18x24 Newsprint Pad (50 sheets)
Package of Vine Charcoal
Package of Compressed Charcoal
Kneaded Eraser

Painting Supply List

Painting Materials: Decide which material you would like to start with: Acrylics, Oils, Watercolor or Pastels

PAINTS: (Watercolor, Acrylics or Oils)

To start: Choose 'student' grade over 'professional' grade

  • Large Titanium White
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Cadmium Yellow Med
  • Terra Verte
  • Lemon Yellow Hue
  • Cadmium Orange
  • Cadmium Red Light
  • Permanent Rose
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Viridian Green
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Ivory Black

** To avoid high prices on paint –get the “hue” of the color
** Please note: These brands are acceptable: Grumbacher, Rembrandt, Windsor Newton

  • PASTELS: If you want to use chalk pastels buy soft pastels in as many colors as you can afford. Half-sticks of pastels are fine, the more colors the better! Brands: Rembrandt, Unison, Schminke, Sennelier.
  • SURFACES: for Paint - Stretched Canvas
    for Pastels – Any size pastel paper
    for Watercolor - Paper: Arches block of 140 lb. rough or a single sheet of 22.5x30 to cut.
    for Watercolor or Pastels - Foam Core drawing boards with “Bull Dog” clips or push-pins.
  • BRUSHES: Brush hair: (Bristol or Sable brushes are used for oils, synthetic or nylon brushes are used for acrylics and watercolors). Brush Size & Shape (filberts, rounds, flat)

Recommended: Robert Simmons: Filberts Bristol Brushes for Oil #2, 4 & 6 in an assortment of flat, rounds, and brights in all different sizes.

  • Painting Palette - Traditional plastic, wood or glass; or disposable paper palette
  • Turpenoid for Oil Paints - or other odorless turpentine substitute is preferable and cheaper. Small metal can for turpentine
  • Paper Towels

Portraiture with Wende Supply List

Oil Painting Paints:

  • Flake White
  • Ivory Black
  • Prussian Blue
  • Raw Sienna
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • Cadmium Red Scarlet
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Raw Umber
  • Burnt Umber
  • Sap Green
  • Thalo Green
  • optional colours; Ultramarine Blue, Shiva Violet Deep, Manganese Violet
  • Colours by Grumbacher or Shiva are most desirable to be consistent with this palette
  • Brushes: Bristle - Filbert, variety of sizes between 0 - 10, sable - flats, variety of small sizes
  • Oil medium: 1/3 Stand Oil & 2/3
  • Gum spirits of Turpentine
  • Other Materials: Wooden Palette - as large as possible
  • Palette Knife
  • Spray Fixative (Myston)
  • Retouch Varnish - Spray Can
  • Turpentine or Mineral Spirits
  • Soft Charcoal
  • Stretched Canvas - 2 canvases (your choice of size 16 x 20; 20 x 24; 24x 30) no canvas boards
  • Materials recommended for Pastel:
  • Soft Pastels: Bring as many as you can--the most common difficulty encountered in pastel is not having sufficient colours available
  • Hard NuPastels - the minimum colours listed below; a full set of 96 colours is preferred:
  • #223 - Burnt Umber
  • #253 - Cocoa Brown
  • #283 - Van Dyke Brown
  • #276 - Flesh Pink
  • #204 - Sandlewood
  • #211 - White
  • #299 - Black
  • Razor Blade - single edge to sharpen
  • NuPastels Surfaces: Canson Paper in middle-tone colours of either Grey, Tan, Green, Wine, Blue (bring a minimum of 6 sheets of your choice from the above or other middle tone colours)
  • Pastelbords by Ampersand in middle tone colours - at least 2 - 16" x 20" or slightly larger
  • Backboard: (not needed if using Pastelbords)
  • Should be slightly larger than the size of paper 4 - 6 Jumbo Clips for Backboard

Additional Supplies for either medium:

  • Paper towels
  • Mahl stick
  • Latex medical gloves

Pastel Supply List Rae Smith

PASTELS: (see Oils below)

  • Unison, Schminke or Sennelier Pastels, other brands may be used (the more colors the better)
  • Foam or cork drawing board preferred (larger than your paper size)
  • Pastel paper or whichever kind you prefer
  • Bull Dog Clips or push pins to hold paper in place
  • Foam Brush
  • Chamois Cloth
  • Medium size Blending Stump
  • Rubber kneaded eraser
  • Any visuals or photographs, you may also work from the provided still life

OIL Painters:

  • Turpenoid thinner
  • As many colors as possible in whatever brand of oil paints (include: Titanium White, Cadmium Red, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium)
  • Several sizes of flat bristol brushes (filbert shape in preferred)
  • Canvases of any size (min. size is 11x14 or 16x20
  • Paper palette pad for oils (min. size is 11x14)
  • Roll of paper towels