Firing Process:

Clay pieces will be completed, organized & ready for pick up 3-5 weeks after the camp has ended. See schedule below for the status of your pottery.

Please do not wait longer than 90 days to retrieve your piece(s). Pottery pick-up times run during normal business hours, if you would like to schedule a pick-up time other than M-F 9-5pm, please call the office at (914) 232-4843. It is recommended that you bring the clay artist with you.

Disclaimer: Clay is a natural material and at times is unpredictable, alike to weather. Although it is not common, clay is subject to cracking, breaking and/or exploding during the firing process. Our pottery technicians take great care in preparing the pottery & clay pieces to go through a two-cycle firing process. The length of this process is based on the current weather conditions, kiln load and the size & thickness of the individual clay piece.

See policies for additional information.

Summer Pottery is available for pick up !. Please note if you can bring your camper along with you to identify any work that is in the no-name table it would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to call the office with any specific questions. We had a successful 12 weeks of handbuilding and wheel camps all summer and there was a tremendous amount of work to be prepared for the two-cycle firing process. We appreciate your understanding and patience during the wait time.