For Juniors & Senior High-School Students: Portfolio Development for Teens

This class runs during the school year or summer months. Since 2005, our portfolio development program has helped our students gain admission to some of the best art colleges in the country!

for Seniors: Portfolio for Seniors

Our half year Portfolio for Seniors program offers a solution for Seniors during crunch time for late college applications...

we also offer: Portfolio Coaching

This personalized coaching program will give students access to all KAC art classes and studios provided with the opportunities to reach their specific portfolio goals.

What is an Art Portfolio?
A portfolio is a body of work containing 12-20 pieces of artwork that preferably includes a variety of subjects and mediums. The ideal portfolio has a range of drawings and painting in addition to a few pieces in the student’s area of interest, such as photography, film or fashion illustration. Sculpture is also a great addition since not many students have it in their portfolios. In addition to a portfolio, some colleges also give specific assignments. Make sure you have done your research, so you can add these pieces to your “to do” list.

What kind of student needs an Art Portfolio?
High school students and their parents are almost always surprised when they discover that a fine art portfolio is needed to apply to an art school or college, no matter what the major of art it may be. It is equally surprising, if not shocking, to find out that a 12-15 piece fine art portfolio is also needed to be a part of an art program in any college or university, as well. For students who dream of going into computer graphics, animation, fashion design or even architecture, the realization that they need a fine art portfolio can be devastating. Roll up your sleeves, register for a portfolio program, grab your paint box and get to work!

With our college-level art classes our experienced fine art instructors can work with even beginner level students to help create art pieces that will stand out in your art program application.

To request a meeting with the Portfolio Coordinator Kate Marlowe, please call (914) 232-4843 or email us here.