Katonah Art Center Protocols

Please note that the protocols set forth are subject to change at the discretion of KAC


• All students who are eligible must be vaccinated. Proof of vaccination must be uploaded at checkout

KAC Inside Space

• All students, campers and visitors MUST wear a mask at all times while in the KAC building.

• The registration desk will be equipped with a Plexiglass barrier.

• If at any time a student or staff member shows any sign of possible illness they will beseparated and will leave the building. If a minor, a parent or guardian will be contacted and asked to have the student picked up. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian topromptly pick up their child.

• The number of students/campers per room will be limited to facilitate social distancing.

• Young children will be escorted (with masks) by a staff member (also with a mask) to the bathroom.


• KAC will be cleaned every morning by our professional cleaners.

• Studios and bathrooms will be cleaned during the day.

Social Distancing

• Students will be asked to maintain a distance of 3ft from other students and staff at all times.