Tracy Burtz

"The abstract elements of picture making such as composition, color, light, space, brushstroke and paint quality are very important to me. It is important for all these elements to work together and react to each other to form what I think of as music for the eye. The still lifes and paintings of women explore intimate moments of everyday life and the emotions they evoke. They project a variety of patterns and moods- sometimes reflecting harmony, sometimes tension-created by the interplay of images on the flat surface."

Tracy received her BFA from Boston University School for the Arts in 1978 and a MFA from CUNY Queens College in 1980. She also studied at the New York Studio School in Paris, and RISD.

As a contemporary painter, she has sought to "unlearn" my formal classical education in the attempt to discover her own creative voice.

Her work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows in galleries and museums in NYC, Paris, New Mexico, Boston, Nantucket, Provincetown, CT, as well as many other places.

She has taught painting, drawing and pastels for over 25 years to students at every level from children to Graduate school.

She has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through my teaching and professional experiences of almost 40 years that she seeks to impart to her students for their growth and motivation. As a mid-career painter, her work feeds her teaching, and fortunately the teaching feeds back into her work. This result creates a unique relationship with my students.

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