Rachel Krause

Rachel Krause is a multimedia artist and teacher with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from SUNY Purchase and a Masters in Art Education from SVA. She has developed courses and taught art, literacy, health communication and humanities courses for six years at Berkeley College and has been teaching studio art classes at KAC since 2015. Most recently, she has returned from living in Berlin, Germany where she co-created/ directed and produced art and culture events and was part of Art Kollectiv: Werkstatttraum EV. Exhibiting in NY and abroad, her most recent work was shown at Arts on the Lake and at juried shows such as The Schoolhouse Gallery. She is a member of the Brooklyn Arts Council, The Love Yourself Project , The Blind Artist's Society and was a mental health worker for several years in her 20s, assisting art therapists in clinical settings. She has worked in several NYC Art meccas including, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of the Arts), Rush Gallery and student taught at Laguardia HS for the Arts for her graduate degree.

As a native Katonah resident, there is great satisfaction in coming full circle and being involved with the KAC art center. She loves learning about her students, their unique imaginations, and finding ways to keep them motivated, inspired and excited about exploring different mediums and modalities for art-making.