Kinga Wiktor

Kinga Wiktor born in Warsaw, Poland completed her 5 year education in National Art High School then begun 7 years of study At Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she receive diploma with honors in Department of Painting. To addition to her diploma she received an annex in Batik. She continues her education in Post-Graduate Pedagogical Studies where she learns nature of teaching. Shortly after graduating Academy she starts to work as a faculty member of Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology Associate Professor of New Media Art Department. She is writing and performing lectures with following discussions about perspective and composition in history of art. Providing theory and hands on exercises for understanding color and composition in visual nonverbal communication. She is also a faculty member of International School of Costume & Fashion Design, Sept. 2005 – Aug. 2007 Warsaw, Poland .Teaching specific technic of fashion drawings.

She has been painting and past 20 years and showing her art work in many individual and joined exhibitions in Poland, Italy an United States. She lives in Somers where she works from her studio in town. Oil painting and graphic are discipline she expresses herself the most. You can see passion for realism and sharp technic in her portraits, animal paintings as well as interiors or landscape.


Fashion Illustration

Teens (Grades 6-12)
Learn the tools and techniques specific to the fashion industry while designing and illustrating your own fashion line. Students will learn to draw the elongated proportions…