Eva Lee

Eva Lee is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker who creates moving images of imagined micro and macro worlds. Her digital animations, video installations, original drawings and editioned prints are inspired by what lies at the threshold of perception. “I wonder about the unseen, such as the spaces and energies between cells or subatomic particles. The intangible, such as what mind is.” Some of her work has been described by The New York Times as “hypnotic” depictions of the “awesome infinities and minutiae of the cosmos.”

Her interest in the nature of mind has led her to interact with neuroscientists to visualize their data on the brain. Her latest work, Dual Brains, is a real-time EEG data-driven performance inspired by studies which indicate human neural interdependence.

A native New Yorker trained as a painter, she has exhibited at galleries and museums nationally, including The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, The DeCordova, and Bronx Museum for the Arts. She has screened internationally at BBC Big Screen, MashRome, and other venues. Her work is in the public collections of Louisiana Art & Science Museum, Connecticut Artists Collection, and Tampa Public Art Collection. Awards include fellowships from Fulbright, Asian Cultural Council, Connecticut Commission on the Arts, The MacDowell Colony, and Mind & Life Summer Research Institute.

The artist’s Fulbright research project, “Indo-Tibetan Mandalas: Blueprints for Discovering the Nature of Mind and Reality,” examined the roots of Buddhist visual culture and philosophy of mind. She traveled to ancient and contemporary monasteries in the Himalayas in order to document sites, create new artwork, and investigate the continued relevance of mandalas for meditation which neuroscientific studies link to positive changes in the structure and function of the brain. See her Fulbright blog for videos and photos from her journey.

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