Elise Andrea

Growing up on a farm, on a mountain-side in central Vermont, Elise Andréa began painting with watercolors at age 11. Her grandfather instilled in her a deep love for wildlife and nature and she grew up tracking wild animals in the woods and hiking with her family. She helped raise turkeys, chickens and geese on the family farm, and hayed and logged with horses.

Elise’s work has been included in many Vermont exhibitions, awarded numerous distinctions and are now in collections around the world. A long-time organic gardener, she traveled to New Zealand in 2006 to work on an organic sheep and cattle station, studying sheep to be able to paint them accurately. She lived in New Zealand for one year and her paintings won awards at a large exhibit south of Auckland.

As a personal development consultant and coach, Elise used stories, skits and songs to teach elementary children, high-school young people and adults good character on a monthly basis for many years with her sister. Elise also created and produced a public speaking contest for her community with her family for seven years that focused on the celebration of history, using English literature to encourage people of all ages to develop boldness and elocution on stage. She plays several musical instruments, enjoys people, travel, sports, event planning, writing, creating fine food and spending time with her family. In 2009, Elise lived the adventure of being a street artist on Union Square, New York City.

Her work presently appears on the covers of German scientist Dr. Werner Gitt’s recent writings, translated into sixty languages. She has given watercolor lessons and/or workshops in Vermont, NYC, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, upstate New York, and New Zealand. She taught plein air lessons, painted portraits and worked on book illustrations during 2011. 2011 also brought Elise a large solo exhibition in Craftsbury Common, Vermont, where thirty-five original works hung for several months at Sterling College.

"A painting is a reflection of life in many ways. A Masterpiece is often created through great sacrifice. Our Heavenly Father, who designed the world, is the best artist of all. The heavens declare His glory, and the firmament shows His handiwork. ~ Psalm 19:1 I have been given a great deal of awe and wonder in connection with our Creator and his immense and intricate Creation. I make a feeble attempt to emulate the sublime beauty found in nature through my visual depictions.

Our kind Maker deserves all glory, honor and praise for the sacrifice made by giving us His Son, who died on the behalf of others, giving His perfectly righteous life so that, believing and calling upon His Name, we could live forever. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”Romans 10:13 This is the promise YaHaWahShi, Jesus Christ, has given and He is completely dependable, He never breaks His promises!

The main purpose of my life, the entire reason for my existence, is to worship Him in all that I do, to see and share the light of His great wonders! Glory for self is fleeting, but the LORD raises up those who are bowed down. This is why I am an artist…"

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