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The Art of Raku

Length: 9h.

Two Session Workshop

Sun. Oct 21, 1-4pm & Sun. 10am-4pm TBA

Raku is the process of removing pottery from a kiln (or fire) while at bright red heat and placing it into containers with combustible materials. The results are unpredictable, dramatic and beautiful!

Students should bring their bisque pieces and spend the day glazing and firing in the raku kiln. We will do a combination of firings: traditional raku, naked raku, and horsehair. For best results, students should use white stoneware clay, which may be purchased in advance. We will accommodate as many firings as the day allows. Expect to get at least 5-8 medium size (able to fit in a cylindrical oatmeal “ box”) pieces fired.

Pieces should be based on cylindrical forms, not flat, or over 10 lbs. Students must wear cotton clothing that covers arms and legs, sturdy shoes, and hair must be tied back.

This is a two-session workshop; the first session will be vessel preparation, the second session will be the all day firing.

Category: Clay/Pottery

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