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Sewing and Sauvignon

Length: 3h.
This class is not currently scheduled, please use our contact form to be notified of this listing.

We all have a few faded memories hanging in our closet that we haven't worn in years, yet can't bear to throw away; ripped jackets, prom dresses and that pair of jeans you loved in middle school! We try them on privately in our more sentimental moments and then quickly banish them back to the "hanger of no return". However, with a little patience, minimal skill and a bit of vision you can transform these old and outgrown garments into new, improved pieces for the new, improved you. Students should bring at least item that they would to upcycle. Other fabrics and sewing materials will be supplied. BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) if desired.

Available for Private Parties, call (914) 232-4843 to schedule.

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