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Sculpting Animals

grades: 5-12Length: 1h. 30m.

Learn to sculpt realistic animals in this creative clay class. We will study the anatomy of different types of animals as you create the animal of your choice. Students may also morph their form into something mythical such as a unicorn or dragon. An additional $2 per week clay and firing fee will be applied at checkout.

Pottery Pick up: Any and all clay artwork will be discarded after 90 days, please be sure to pick-up during assigned hours or you may schedule a pick-up date. The pottery department will call when pieces are ready for pick up. If you are not called within 60 days of the attended date, or would like to pick up other than normal business hours, please call (914) 232-4843. Clay projects that are not claimed within 90 days will be discarded. See Pottery & Clay Pick Up.

Clay Fees: Pottery students in the family and adult classes will be charged a per piece clay and firing fee of $.06 per cubic inch. If a student does not measure their pieces for firing a flat fee of $75 will be charged at the end of the session. Sculpture students will be charged a clay and firing fee of $.06 per cubic inch. These fees will be charged at the end of each session.

Open Pottery Studio hours can be attended whenever possible, missed time may not be put towards a class credit. Open Pottery time is only available to semester-long pottery class students.


Fall 2019: September 16th-December 14th