Artist Duo, Daniel E. Greene & Wende Caporale

Daniel E. Greene, a local artist based out of New York, has a style all his own. Whether using pastels or oil paints, he captures the true essence of his subject. In portraits, his subjects look alive, as if you could touch the canvas and in turn feel warm skin and texture. In his subway painting series, you feel as if you are among the grime, sound, and crowded tracks of the intricate underground city. With that, his work isn't quite hyperrealistic. There is a rustic, worn, and warm quality to his paintings, making a piece by Greene easy to discern from any other artist.

Realism: creating with the intention of truthfully matching reality.

Hyperrealism: creating with the intention of intensifying reality, as if the painting or sculpture were a high-resolution photograph.

Wende Caporale, an artist based out of New York, also has a style all her own, though working in a similar world as her husband, Greene. As a portrait artist, Wende also uses pastels and oils. While Greene's pieces seem a bit more rustic, Caporale has an unmistakable softness to her work. Specializing in creating portraits of children, her pieces have a youthful and fresh quality to them, making skin look soft and almost dewy.

Portraiture: the art of creating portraits with a keen likeness to its live, or once live, subject.

For more Daniel E. Greene, check out his official website ! For more Wende Caporale, check out her official website and Pastel & Oil Portraiture class !

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Olivia Ferreiro

Olivia Ferreiro Author

Growing up with parents that are artists has surrounded me with a constant feed of creative energy. As a child, every day was a new project, allowing my older brother and I to use the walls of our every home as a blank canvas, whether we were aware of it or not. Spending my younger years in California made me a flower child that could never lose her youth, even with the passing of time. Coming back to New York as an adult made me discover my roots, beyond café con leche for breakfast and Cuban music always playing in our car. And going to the University of Colorado: Boulder to study writing kept me bold and curious, reminding me that the world is a lot bigger than I ever could have imagined.

I'd like to think that I have my father's obsession with precision, and my mother's desire to be free-spirited. And although I did not study to pursue art on a professional level, I have always been an artist in all that I do.