Plein Air Paintings by Jock MacRae

You are invited...

Artists' Reception: March 28th, 2015

2 - 5:30 pm, at both locations

Gallery 131 at the Katonah Art Center, as well as Oak & Oil Gallery in Katonah

As many of our students know, Jock MacRae has been teaching and painting at the Katonah Art Center for as long as we have been up and running (18 years and counting!). Coming from a family of painters, MacRae has always been surrounded and inspired by art and creativity, ultimately choosing to spend his entire life creating his own work by way of oil paints, watercolors, and just about any medium he could get his hands on. MacRae's work is highly influenced by nature. His passion, understanding, and knowledge for the natural world can be found in most of his work, and his boundless spirit and energy can be felt by simply looking at his work. However, the best way to understand Jock would be through his work and through his own words...

"My paintings are about the land I have always loved. I work from life and rarely use a photograph - in this way I can feel the 'air' in the piece. When a painting just flows, it has soul."

For more Jock MacRae, visit his website, experience his exhibit at KAC's Gallery 131, or even sign up for one of his classes !

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Olivia Ferreiro

Olivia Ferreiro Author

Growing up with parents that are artists has surrounded me with a constant feed of creative energy. As a child, every day was a new project, allowing my older brother and I to use the walls of our every home as a blank canvas, whether we were aware of it or not. Spending my younger years in California made me a flower child that could never lose her youth, even with the passing of time. Coming back to New York as an adult made me discover my roots, beyond café con leche for breakfast and Cuban music always playing in our car. And going to the University of Colorado: Boulder to study writing kept me bold and curious, reminding me that the world is a lot bigger than I ever could have imagined.

I'd like to think that I have my father's obsession with precision, and my mother's desire to be free-spirited. And although I did not study to pursue art on a professional level, I have always been an artist in all that I do.