Pottery & Clay Pick Up

Firing Process:

Clay pieces will be completed, organized & ready for pick up 3-5 weeks after the camp has ended. See schedule below for the status of your pottery.

Please do not wait longer than 90 days to retrieve your piece(s). Pottery pick-up times run during normal business hours, if you would like to schedule a pick-up time other than M-F 9-5pm, please call the office at (914) 232-4843. It is recommended that you bring the clay artist with you.

Disclaimer: Clay is a natural material and at times is unpredictable, alike to weather. Although it is not common, clay is subject to cracking, breaking and/or exploding during the firing process. Our pottery technicians take great care in preparing the pottery & clay pieces to go through a two-cycle firing process. The length of this process is based on the current weather conditions, kiln load and the size & thickness of the individual clay piece.

See policies for additional information.

Week of June 26th is ready for Pick up

Week of July 5th is ready for Pick up