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Watercolor Painting

Length: 3h.

Learn how to use this beautiful medium. Transparent and luminous, wa- tercolors have long been a favorite of artists. Experienced watercolorist, Lori McQueeney, will introduce and demonstrate watercolor techniques, building slowly from simple to more complex. With a loose and dynamic approach, learn to create paintings with emphasis on value, control of the medium, color mixing, negative painting, glazing and composition. Students will receive individual guidance and support while painting a variety of subject matter, from still life and photos.

At the end of each class, all students will benefit from a group critique in a friendly and relaxed environment. This class is for all levels, beginner to advanced. No class on Jan. 9th.

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Winter 2018: January 8th-March 29th

  • Tues 10 wks 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM $510 Lori McQueeney Jan. 16 - March 20. No class Jan 9th. Add To Cart
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